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IRG Trade

IRG TRADE is a division of Imperial Rina Group, a family of companies that is committed to cultural exchange through responsible business practices. IRG Trade promotes and offers a variety of Cambodian agricultural products, allowing farmers and local businesses to connect with consumers beyond the borders of Cambodia. In this way, we bring a small piece of the Cambodian Kingdom to you and your family.


We are privately held company that operates out of Cambodia and the United States. In Cambodia, IRG Trade cooperates with local farmers to produce high quality agricultural products and exports these products all over the world. In the United States, IRG Trade imports and distributes high quality agricultural products to U.S. wholesalers.


At IRG Trade, we believe that at the heart of every community is the family. Families compose and shape the community’s values and global awareness.  That is why, at IRG Trade, we take the time to select business partners who are committed to responsible business practices, without sacrificing quality.  In this way, we ensure that what we exchange from our family to yours is nothing that we wouldn’t serve our own families.